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Berlin Ostbahnhof

New 2G plus rules in Berlin!

From January 15th, 2022, the new Infection Protection Measures Ordinance will apply in Berlin.

The 2G-plus rules apply to indoor gastronomy, ie we are only allowed to grant access to the following people:

  • Guests who have received a full vaccination course and are 14 days after the last required single vaccination and who have proof of vaccination issued to them,
  • or guests who have recovered, whose positive PCR test result was at least 28 days or max. 3 months ago and you can show proof of your recovery,
  • or Convalescents whose positive PCR test result was more than 3 months ago and who can show at least 1 vaccination against Covid-19, which was at least 14 days ago.

    AND IN ADDITION be able to show an up-to-date, negative test result (valid for 24 hours).

  • Guests who can show proof of a booster vaccination (valid from the day of the booster vaccination).
  • Children up to 6 years: no test and no 2G -Mandatory
  • Children up to the age of 18: TEST OBLIGATION, no 2G obligation. Students who are regularly tested at school do not have to provide proof of testing. However, students then have to present a student ID card.
  • During the holidays, it is not sufficient to present your school ID card, as no tests take place. Students must provide negative test evidence during the holidays.
  • People who cannot be vaccinated (e.g. pregnant women) can be admitted with proof of a test (negative PCR test not older than 48 hours / rapid test is not sufficient; < strong>and the inability to be vaccinated must be proven by means of a medical certificate
Vaccination status of those vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson:
Persons who have received a second vaccination after the first vaccination with Johnson & Johnson are no longer considered "boosted" since January 15th, 2022. In areas where the 2G Plus rule applies, they need a negative test to enter.
People who have already received 2 further vaccinations after the 1st vaccination with Johnson & Johnson are considered "boostered".

There are NO 2G rules for outdoor catering. No testing required. Only the distance requirement and the obligation to wear a medical mask apply.

To avoid transmission, our service staff and bartenders wear a medical mask while working.

We are obliged to document the contact details of each guest as well as the time of entering and leaving the restaurant with their consent and to keep them for 4 weeks so that any chain of infection can be traced. Our guests may only be served if they agree with the documentation. After the retention period has expired, we will destroy the contact data. WE ASK FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.

We kindly ask you to also observe the following information:
  • Guests must also wear a medical mask in the restaurant. You can take these off when you are sitting at the table. When going to the toilet or at the buffet, please put on the medical mask again.
  • Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from our staff and the other guests. Please pay contactless if possible. < li>Hand disinfection is available for you at the restaurant entrance. We ask you to use this when entering the restaurant (and if necessary).

We look forward to seeing you!

Your play off team in Ostbahnhof

current opening hours

For operational reasons, we are temporarily closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We ask for your understanding.

Your playoff team

Aperol Spritz

Start at Play Off Berlin Ostbahnhof with our Aperol Spritz drinks in the summer!

Aperol Spritz with Aperol, Prosecco & soda: the fruity-rough classic with a twist.
for 5,50 €

Aperol Passion Fruit Spritz with Aperol, passion fruit juice, Prosecco, soda & lime juice: the sweet-fruity combination of Aperol and tropical passion fruit.
for 5,50 €

Aperol Rhubarb Spritz with Aperol, rhubarb juice, Prosecco & soda: the tangy-sweet combination of Aperol and summery rhubarb.
for 5,50 €

Aperol Ginger Spritz with Aperol, Ginger Ale, Prosecco & Lime Juice: The sweet-and-salty variety of the Aperol classic.
for 5,50 €

Gluten-free * free of charge

Now you get our tasty burgers 100% gluten-free, that means with gluten-free bread and gluten-free ingredients.

Also many more foods are available from us on request gluten-free. For example, our succulent American spare ribs are gluten-free, because we use our gluten-free BBQ sauce. 

What at first sounds simple, means a lot of effort in our American Diner kitchen: all the ingredients from the burger bun to the homemade sauce may contain no gluten and may not come in touch with other food. We have extensively trained our staff and our kitchens are equipped with separate cutting boards and toast-bags.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our staff.

Play Off Gift Voucher

Make somebody a present!

You can buy a Play Off Gift Voucher in every Play Off restaurant with a value of your choice and give it as a present to your loved ones. Of course, the vouchers can be used in every Play Off restaurant. 

You've got no Play Off in your area? No problem:  Just send us an e-mail with your request and against payment, we send the voucher by post. 

Der Amerikanische Traum

Play Off - the American Diner in Berlin Ostbahnhof.

Hearty burgers, succulent steaks, crunchy salads and original American pancakes - in the Play Off Berlin at the Ostbahnhof, our guests have been able to enjoy the flair of the American 50s since 2010. In addition to this, there is also a lot of sport: on multiple screens and large screen, our guests have all live broadcasts at a glance, such as German Football League, UEFA Champions League, Formula 1, Tour de France, ice hockey and the American Super Bowl. 

Authentic American is not just our establishment. Our staff in the restaurant and in the service live our concept and give the best recommendations for an original American food. The special at the Play Off Ostbahnhof: Smoothies, sauces, dips, salad dressings, soups, our Cole-Slaw-Salad u.v.m. are produced according to own recipes. Afterwards, the recipes are filleted, tasted and tasted until they are really successful.

Our young guests can also enjoy an original American meal with the Play Off children's menu. It includes not only delicious dishes, but also puzzle fun, a timetable, sudoku or colouring pictures. Of course, pencils are also available.